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PODCAST: How TikTok is Changing The Landscape in NZ Real Estate

In the latest episode of 'The Chat' Nic Fren, editor of RETNZ, sat down with Kristina Walsh of Ray White Swanson to dive deep into the world of social media.

In this episode, Kristina shares her journey, from the early days to navigating the dynamic landscape of TikTok. 

Discover the challenges and triumphs she faced, including dealing with industry negativity and seeing TikTok become a crucial part of the marketing agenda.

Get insights into the social media platform that has proven most effective, with a focus on TikTok and its unique appeal. 

Learn about the differences between TikTok and other channels, and gain valuable tips on crafting a successful TikTok strategy.

Kristina sheds light on the kind of content that resonates on TikTok and recounts a fascinating story about how a TikTok video had a significant impact on buyer interest for a particular property. 

Plus, find out how TikTok can be seamlessly integrated into listing presentations to enhance your real estate game.Join us for this candid conversation and discover the tangible results TikTok can deliver for your business. 

This episode is brought to you by our sponsor, Envision VR.

Video timeline:

0:32 - How long have you been in the industry? 

1:10 - What made you start on social media? 

2:05 - What's the social media journey been like?

3:45 - What was some of the negativity you received from the industry?

4:45 - What social media platforms are working best for you? 

6:35 - The difference between TikTok & other social media platforms 

7:30 - What is your TikTok strategy? 

9:50 - The difference between TikTok and other channels

11:40 - What kind of content works on TikTok?

13:52 - A message from this episodes sponsor, Envision VR 

14:31 - The impact TikTok had in buyer interest on a particular property

16:50 - Dealing with negativity 

17:25 - What result did TikTok produce for a property

20:20 - How to use TikTok in a listing presentation

24:38 - Nic & Kristina do a LIVE TikTok video together


This episode is brought to you by EnvisonVR



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