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PODCAST - The Election & Property Management | What's To Come

In our second podcast we speak with the General Manager of Property Management for Property Brokers, David Faulkner about all things Property Management and what we can expect to see with the potential new legislation and what that could mean for the industry.

Video timeline: 00:39 - Where are we at? What's Happening? 01:02 - Where is the legislation currently up to? 02:40 - What are the proposed changes? 04:06 - What will these changes in legislation actually do? 05:28 - A Landlord & Property Manager register 07:08: What will the impact of these changes be? 08:05: Why are there so many private rentals? 09:20: Trust accounting and an unlicensed agent 11:20: Agents who want to get a license, what/where can they go? 13:18: The upcoming property managers conference


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