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$1,000 Giveaway And a BBQ To Entice Buyers to Luxurious Property Estate Open Home

In the golf enthusiast community of Queenstown, Hamish Walker from Walker & Co is inviting potential buyers to join an open house this Saturday.

He's organising a chip-and-putt contest with a generous $1000 prize to make the event even more appealing.

Mr. Walker believes that the expansive property at 508 Malaghans Road in Speargrass Flat, spanning over one hectare, holds great potential for golf enthusiasts.

The purpose of the competition is to showcase the various possibilities for potential buyers interested in incorporating short golf holes into the property.

According to Mr Walker, the current owners have fond memories of raising their children on the property and enjoying golf activities across the entire section.

Additionally, the property has hosted various events, including weddings with over 120 attendees, and has accommodated horses on the premises.

Providing details about the sale, Mr. Walker mentioned that the six-bedroom residence, located just below Coronet Peak, is available for purchase with a deadline closing on February 13.

He noted a significant level of interest in the property, surpassing the Capital Valuation of $3.48 million, with current interest exceeding "$6 million."

"The current residents, who have lived here for over three decades, have decided to sell their home, acquire a spacious boat, and embark on a 10-year sailing adventure.

"The indoor/outdoor space is truly impressive, standing out as one of the finest I've encountered. This feature will be fully showcased during the upcoming open house on Saturday, where the property owner plans to host a barbecue."


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