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The Agent with a Pet Alpaca Boris, a Social Media Sensation, and Your Next Advertising Partner"

A Rotorua real estate agent has found an unlikely companion to help him charm buyers and sellers – a cute and friendly alpaca named Boris.

Boris, who was rescued as a newborn after being disowned by his mother, has become a local celebrity in Rotorua, often seen riding in the back of his owner Tim O'Sullivan's Ram ute around town.

Unlike most farm animals, Boris enjoys human interaction and can often be found in O'Sullivan's office and even attending client meetings.

Boris's arrival was a surprise to O'Sullivan and his co-owners at Ray White Rotorua, as they had not realized the alpaca was pregnant.

After discovering the wet bundle of fluff lying in a paddock in early December, O'Sullivan turned to Google to learn everything about rearing the cria. Boris still lives in the paddock with two female alpacas, but prefers the company of humans who shower him with attention and pats.

Boris has already made an appearance in a listing photo at 2 Walford Drive in Lynmore, and O'Sullivan says it might not be his last cameo, given how popular he is.

"I think I will start doing it because people just like it so much. It's something different, and he certainly breaks the ice when he comes to open homes. If I go to a house that I've got listed and Boris isn't with me, they are most disappointed."

O'Sullivan is cautious about Boris becoming too well-known and is mindful of his safety. However, the adorable alpaca has sparked a unique marketing idea for O'Sullivan's real estate business, as he continues to bring joy and warmth to the community.

Boris, who is only five months old and stands at 60cm tall, could grow to about 180cm and live for between 20 and 25 years. For now, he's content with riding in the back of the ute and attending open homes, charming all who cross his path.

"Just driving down the road with him on the back of my ute – he creates a lot of interest. People have got their cameras videoing him, taking pictures. Even driving down the road, you can hear people go, 'Oh look at that’,” says O'Sullivan.

Boris is a reminder that even in the world of real estate, a little bit of charm and quirkiness can go a long way in capturing the hearts and attention of potential buyers and sellers.

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