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Professionals Launches Pathway to Business Ownership Programme

Professionals Group New Zealand launches their new program "Pathway to Business Ownership programme."

The Pathway is unique to Professionals and gives entrepreneurial Salespeople the opportunity to turn their business ownership aspirations into a reality.

“We understand that for entrepreneurial Salespeople who want to run and operate their own businesses, there are lots of challenges along the journey. From trying to keep selling while finding the time to set up and build a business, to the ins and outs of regulation and tax, there are a lot of unknowns.

That’s why we have developed the Pathway, and it has already proven successful. We know what the metrics are for Salespeople who have have potential to make it on their own, and we have developed a four-step process through which they will be provided with support and mentorship from an experienced owner to help them along the path. No upfront financial outlay is required.” says Shaun Taylor, CEO of Professionals.

The Pathway has already shown to be a great success for new business owners in Maungaturoto, Northland and in Auckland.

“As a Group, our co-operative structure is our super power, our owners are our shareholders, and they have a vested interest in growing our Group. They have been there and they understand the challenges of transitioning from Salesperson, to building a team, to setting up an office, starting a property management division and to becoming a leader. They want to pass on that knowledge to the next gen of entrepreneurial Salespeople.”

Each participant’s journey on the programme is unique but Professionals have identified four key steps towards success – Seed, Growth, Satellite, and Agency. Seed is the introductory step, matching the participant with a mentor and creating a plan; Growth is about learning the basics of business ownership and growing your business; Satellite works on creating a presence in your market, and building a team; Agency is about scale, profitability and leadership, opening an office, and establishing yourself in the market.

“It can be very challenging to move from Salesperson to Business Owner, in terms of experience, support, financials and general understanding of what is needed. That is why our Pathway works so well. It aligns with our values – someone with years of experience managing a business and sales team passes on their knowledge to a new aspiring Business Owner and guides them in making their own success.

We are talking to lots of Salespeople across the country and are currently taking applications for the programme. 2024 is looking good.” Says Shaun.

With the market picking up, we are sure to see much more growth for Professionals in 2024 and beyond with this fantastic new programme.


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