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One Year of WHITEFOX New Zealand

Reflecting on the past year, it's clear that the establishment of a new real estate company in New Zealand has marked a series of impressive milestones.

The company, which opened its initial office in Queenstown in 2023, under the leadership of Sales Director Kate Fairmaid, has since expanded to Auckland and beyond, showcasing rapid growth and success.

Ms Fairmaid, a Queenstown native, quickly made a name for herself in the real estate industry with a landmark sale in Wanaka.

This set the stage for further significant sales throughout the region, establishing her as a key figure in the local market.

Following her lead, the company expanded into the southern regions and Auckland, attracting notable talent such as Matthew Sampson, who brought his vibrant expertise to the area around Jacks Point, and Reuben Payn, whose achievements in the luxury market earned him local acclaim.

The Auckland team was further strengthened with the addition of energetic professionals like Freddie Robertson and Ryan Teece, navigating what has been described as one of the toughest markets in over two decades.

Down south, local experts Sara Cleugh and Kay Lucas joined the team, enhancing the company's credibility and reach across the southern regions.

A significant moment for the company was the hosting of its first auctions in New Zealand, which drew considerable attention and successfully sold properties in both Wanaka and Auckland.

These events were seen as a demonstration of the company's innovative approach to real estate, which often involves strategies not commonly used by others in the industry.

Looking forward to 2024, the company is poised for further expansion with new team members, additional offices, and an increasing portfolio of luxury properties.

The opening of a new office on Wanaka’s main street marks the latest development, offering locals a new hub to engage with the team and learn about their unique approach to marketing and selling high-end properties.

As this dynamic company enters another year, it reflects on a year filled with growth, challenges, and substantial achievements, expressing gratitude to clients and collaborators who have been part of this journey.

The team at the company is enthusiastic about continuing to serve and represent some of the finest properties and clients in New Zealand.


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