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Why stage when you can style

When it comes to selling your house, often making sure the house is presentable is left at the back of your mind.

There are a million other things that need to be completed first. So, when it does reach the point of needing to be photo ready most people think there are only a couple of options. To stage, do it yourself or don’t do anything. This decision is usually based on cost and whether the homeowners see the value in a well-styled house.

Staging companies will list all the benefits of staging, but half the time styling can achieve the same thing at half the price. They might try and tell you that a staged home looks better online where buyers first do their research and that it is easier to imagine themselves living in a home that doesn’t have the clutter of a lived home.

This is true but styling can achieve the same result!

When we first have our consultation, we evaluate what stays and what needs to go, as well as what decorative elements you need to revitalise a room. We strip down the clutter and the personal memorabilia and create a cohesive colour scheme and flow through the house, just as a staging stylist would. We also make sure that those trouble spots are given a great creative solution.

So, what should you expect when you stage your home?


Ron Redel a professional NZ stager claims the average cost to stage your home is around $2700 for a five week-long period. Other staging companies however can sign you into a contact for up to three months which is legally binding even if your property sells before that time.

But what if you don’t sell your house within that time? You either have to cough up more money to keep the hire or call it quits and are left with an empty home.

Added cost:

Have you ever thought what happens to your personal items when your home is staged? Well, it all needs to go somewhere and usually people choose a storage facility, which will charge you a hire fee dependant on the duration. Often the storage hire fee is not included in the staging fee.

You don’t retain any assets from staging because everything is owned by the staging company so not only are you liable when the items are in your possession (insurance is added in fees), but it is an expense with no return.

What styling can do for you

The biggest up sides to styling your home is that you are a part of the process! We take into consideration what you own, and we help you discover your own unique style along the way. People usually don’t see how effective styling can be until the process is over and it means that you have a fresh perspective as to what your personal style might be. You also retain all the décor you bought with our advice so this can be put to good use in your new home!


Styling is half the cost of staging and there is no monthly cost. Once we have completed styling your home, we don’t require additional fee’s unless you choose to use another service.

With styling it can be inspiring to rediscover what you already own and to find out you do in fact have style – it just needed a little bit of guidance from the pros.

For more information, please contact Spruce


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