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Unveiling the Best Brokerages of 2023

NZ Adviser takes pride in announcing the winners of the esteemed Top Brokerages for 2023, recognizing the exceptional performance of firms that have thrived despite the challenges posed by a demanding economy and property market.

Katrina Shanks, CEO of Financial Advice New Zealand, acknowledged the formidable obstacles mortgage advisers have confronted, including escalating interest rates, declining property values, regulatory changes, economic uncertainty, and the Credit Contract and Consumer Finance Act.

Ms Shanks emphasized the need for advisers to navigate both macro and micro issues, displaying proficiency in comprehending compliance conditions and meeting daily requirements.

To identify the most accomplished mortgage brokerages in a challenging market, NZ Adviser invited companies to outline their achievements throughout the 2022 calendar year.

The eligibility criteria required brokerages to have one or more loan writers located in a single office within New Zealand. Applicants were also required to provide information about their aggregators, with the details verified by the aggregators themselves.

Essential information included the number of brokers employed by each company, the total value of their loan book, and the conversion rate. Nominees were evaluated based on four criteria: the size of their loan book, average settlements per loan writer, total settlements over the year, and conversion rate.

Twenty firms have secured a place on the prestigious Top Brokerages 2023 list, among them EverBright Finance, led by founder and managing director Frank Cui. Founded in 2015, EverBright was established by a group of highly experienced former bankers and operates from offices in Auckland, boasting a team of 18 financial advisers and support staff.

The brokerage received an excellence award at the 2023 New Zealand Mortgage Awards and was also recognized as one of NZ Adviser's Fast Brokerages in 2022.

Guardian Smith Mortgage and Financial Services, situated in Hobsonville, Auckland, also secured a spot on the Top Brokerages for 2023. The brokerage, led by Mikey Smith, was established in 2022.

Other winners of the Top Brokerages 2023 include:

  • The Mortgage Girls, headed by Elyce Peters, which was also honored as the Prospa Brokerage of the Year - 6+ staff at the NZMAs.

  • Taprobane Finance, also featured on the Fast Brokerages 2022 list, and led by Dimuth Liyanage, one of the Top Advisers for 2022.

  • iConsult, led by Satyan Mehra, recipient of two adviser of the year awards at the 2023 NZMAs, as well as the Mike Pero Mortgages Brokerage of the Year - 1 to 5 staff.

  • NZ Mortgages, headed by Nathan Miglani, an excellence award at the 2023 NZMAs and a Top Advisers winner for 2022.

For a comprehensive list of the winners of the Top Brokerages 2023, please visit this link.


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