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Get Seller/landlord conversations happening for only $49 per month

PROMOTED by Bespoke Media Group

We know what you want. It's more conversations with those who are thinking of selling or leasing their property, right?

That's why Bespoke Media Group has launched a national lead generation campaign called "Selling in Spring, Starts in Winter."

The industry leading social media agency commenced a nationwide social media lead generation campaign this week, to attract those homeowners who are thinking of putting their property on the market in Spring.

The campaign encourages homeowners to take action by reaching out and requesting a booklet titled "Top 22 Things You Can Be Doing In Winter to Prepare for a Spring Sale."

The leads generated through this process are then forwarded to the agent responsible for that specific postcode, who will follow up accordingly.

Highlighting the distinction between leads and conversation starters, Mr. Fren, CEO of Bespoke Media, emphasises that while most prefer leads from homeowners ready to sell immediately, it is also in an agent's best interest to capture the attention of potential sellers who may be planning to take action in the coming months.

"This approach is highly cost-effective for initiating conversations and building a robust pipeline," states Mr. Fren. The firm implements different advertisements across the country each month to achieve optimal results.

Describing the arrangement as straightforward, Mr. Fren acknowledges the unfortunate experiences encountered by some individuals with marketing agencies that charge exorbitant fees while delivering minimal result & the confusion about different offerings in this space.

Agents pay a modest subscription fee to secure a specific suburb, and any leads discovered by Bespoke Media Group are then passed on to the respective agent. There are no additional commissions to be paid upon signing or selling a referred lead.

"Our aim was to create a product that stands out in the New Zealand marketplace, one that is fair and affordable for everyone involved."

Here's how it works:

1) Agents/agencies simply subscribe to a low monthly membership fee of $49 for sales or rental leads per suburb, per month.

In return you gain exclusive access to seller and property management leads found by Bespoke Media Group.

2) Bespoke Media Group will run national social media campaigns monthly, prepared to target the public and generate seller and property management leads/interest.

3) As leads come through, they will be passed on to our registered members via email alerts to the appropriate member in that allocated area.
We want to ensure that our agents have the best chance at success, so we'll be limiting the program to just one agent/agency per suburb. And agents will have the freedom to choose between securing buyer, seller, or landlord leads - talk about flexibility!

But, once a suburb is secured, it's locked in for 12 months, meaning, you want to secure your suburb today.

So, if you're an agent/agency looking to take your business to new heights, or if you know someone who would benefit from this incredible opportunity, please don't hesitate to let us know.

We're beyond excited to explore this groundbreaking program and help agents thrive in the dynamic and competitive New Zealand real estate market & we can't wait to hear from you.

How you secure your area?

Simply email with the suburb/s you would like to secure.
We will come back to you and let you know if they are available. Minimum agreement is 12 months.

Get in before your competition does.

If you would like more information, please get in touch HERE

Disclaimer: Please note this is a nationwide monthly social media campaign, produced by an independent marketing agency & not individualised campaigns. We make no guarantees for the quality or quantity of leads produced. Your monthly membership is purely securing your suburbs. This is in no way a reflection on Real Estate Today - New Zealand. Agents are urged to make their own enquiries.


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