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TradeMe Partners with EnvisionVR to Introduce Virtual Property Tours in New Zealand

TradeMe, New Zealand's foremost online marketplace, has announced a strategic integration with Australian Proptech startup EnvisionVR, bringing their advanced virtual reality technology to the TradeMe platform.

This collaboration aims to revolutionise the property buying experience in New Zealand. EnvisionVR’s immersive virtual property experiences allow users to walkthrough detailed, 1:1 scale virtual models of unbuilt properties.

Designed for universal accessibility, this innovative feature is available across all devices, offering a seamless and unmatched experience both through the TradeMe and website and its mobile application.

This integration marks a significant advancement in the real estate sector, offering enhanced selling abilities for agents and a more immersive property browsing experience for buyers.

Real estate agents can now present unbuilt properties in a sophisticated and immersive manner, giving them a powerful tool to showcase entire property catalogues without incurring the costs of constructing display homes. This advanced approach is expected to redefine how off-the-plan properties are marketed and sold.

For buyers, this integration sees an opportunity to explore their potential future homes with an unprecedented level of detail and realism, anytime, anywhere. Addressing a key concern in off-the plan purchases by providing a new level of confidence for buyers throughout their decision-making process.

About EnvisionVR

Based in Australia, EnvisionVR specialises in creating the world's most accessible virtual showcasing solutions for the property sector.

Their technology is designed to transform how properties are viewed, experienced, and purchased, making them a fitting partner for TradeMe's innovative approach to real estate.

This integration signifies a major leap in the property technology industry, offering benefits to both agents and buyers, whilst redefining the real estate buying experience in New Zealand.


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