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RETNZ Introduces ‘Agent Spotlight’ To Celebrate Excellence Across All Real Estate Disciplines

RETNZ proudly announces the launch of ‘Agent Spotlight’, a new initiative aimed at recognising the diverse talents and significant contributions of our team members across all sectors of real estate, including sales, property management, business development, administration and strata.

Understanding that the strength of our industry lies in the dedication of those who often work behind the scenes, RETNZ is committed to highlighting these vital contributors.

‘Agent Spotlight’ seeks to celebrate the unsung heroes who form the foundation of our business — from the agents who forge new client relationships to the managers who ensure our properties are well maintained and the strata managers who keep our communities harmonious and our administration teams who keep the wheels turning in businesses.

We are eager to showcase individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements, whether through innovative business strategies, exceptional client service, or leadership that enhances their team's performance. It is their hard work that sustains and advances our industry.

To nominate a colleague or team member whose contributions deserve recognition, please contact us with details of their accomplishments and the impact of their efforts on their team and the broader industry.

RETNZ is excited to bring these stories to light, celebrating those who not only excel in their roles but also inspire excellence in others.

We look forward to your nominations and are excited to share these inspiring stories with our community, elevating the standards of excellence within the New Zealand real estate industry.


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