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Raine & Horne reveals “a sleeker and more sophisticated design”

The updated look aims to unify the network’s operations across the residential, commercial and rural sectors.

While Raine & Horne has preserved the yellow-gold hue that has been its hallmark for decades, the new look sees the real estate powerhouse move in a monochrome direction, with a greater use of white and charcoal across its visual identity.

Raine & Horne executive chairman, Angus Raine, who introduced the update to members at the firm’s Be More 24 conference held in Sydney on 6 February, described the new visual identity as exuding “a sleeker and more sophisticated design”.

“The 2024 brand refresh not only showcases our determination to evolve and ability to adapt, but also positions us as an innovative leader in a highly competitive industry,” he said, noting that the update will give offices a greater ability to tailor their materials to the property’s specific needs, with the choice of presenting marketing materials in either a dark or bright colourway.

“For instance, signboards can be tailored to white or charcoal tones to ensure it stands out in its environment,” Mr Raine said.

The brand refresh, which was led by the firm’s head of marketing, Michael Carroll, and communications and creative director Shaun Mathieson, in conjunction with creative agency EDGE, is the first change to the network’s aesthetics since 2017.

Mr Raine characterised the project’s aims as twofold: to unite the network’s branding across the subsectors of residential, commercial and rural services, and to provide the visual flexibility that members like, and which might impact their franchising decisions when inaugurating or rebranding an office.

“The refreshed brand is anticipated to attract and retain top-tier talent, and unequivocally underscores Raine & Horne’s commitment to continual evolution and progress,” Mr Raine said.

“Brand consistency unites us, ensuring our clients recognise that whether it’s a waterfront property, an industrial unit, or a sheep farm, they are engaging with Raine & Horne,” he added.

Noting its commitment to providing a broad range of technology solutions for its real estate professionals, the firm highlighted its re-adoption of QR codes in this marketing rethink.

As Mindy Powell-Hodges, Raine & Horne’s head of network, explained: “Raine & Horne pioneered the use of QR codes in our industry way back in 2011.

Now since the pandemic, everyone is much more confident using QR codes and so we believe that these can play a crucial role in providing greater value to our clients in accessing the information they need quickly and easily.”

Re-evaluating this signboard asset is just one way the brand said the new look will ultimately help the firm better serve customers.

“Our 2024 brand rejuvenation marks the beginning of another new chapter in the storied history of Raine & Horne, promising an even more resonant, innovative and customer-centric approach to the Australasian real estate market,” Ms Powell-Hodges said.


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