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Inzpec & NZGBC Join Forces to Provide HomeFit, Healthy Homes Assessments on Trade Me and Online

Inzpec, the innovative property due-diligence provider, and the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC), are teaming up to help Kiwi homeowners better understand the condition of their homes.

With over 30% of New Zealand homes damp or mouldy, there is a significant opportunity to improve health and reduce living costs by upgrading our housing.

By collaborating, NZGBC and Inzpec will simplify the process for buyers and sellers to assess whether a property meets the Government's Healthy Homes Standards. These standards are mandatory for rental properties and include checks on ceiling and floor insulation, ventilation, heating, moisture ingress, and draughts.

Inzpec has recently launched NZ's first Property Due Diligence platform in partnership with Trade Me. It's designed as a one-stop-shop for all property due diligence requirements, making what can often be a complex process far more straightforward.

Trade Me users can now apply for a HomeFit and Healthy Homes Standards assessment directly through the Inzpec platform. A certified inspector will conduct the evaluation and deliver a comprehensive report. Inzpec ensures these inspections are only a few clicks away from Trade Me listing pages.

"We're thrilled to work with NZGBC to make HomeFit and Healthy Homes assessments more accessible," stated Andre Leibovici, CEO of Inzpec. "These evaluations provide crucial insights, allowing Kiwis to make well-informed property investment decisions."

"Every New Zealander deserves a warm, dry, healthy home," says NZGBC chief executive Andrew Eagles. "Initiatives like this partnership with Inzpec help educate and empower Kiwis, enabling impactful home improvements. These assessments help homeowners boost energy efficiency, reduce high electricity bills, cut environmental impact, and ensure their whānau are healthy and happy at home."

The partnership extends to the lending industry, with several banks partnering with HomeFit to promote healthy home loan top-ups for insulation, heating, and ventilation improvements.

"This collaboration benefits both consumers and lenders," emphasised Andre. "Consumers receive essential knowledge for investment decisions, while lenders invest with assurance in energy-efficient, health-conscious properties."

Inzpec and NZGBC are working hand in hand to make building information at the point of sale or rental more accessible. This helps New Zealanders make educated investment decisions and contributes positively to a sustainable built environment across the nation.

About the NZGBC

The New Zealand Green Building Council is the country's leading organisation for sustainable homes and buildings. Representing over 700 organisations and companies who believe in a better built Aotearoa, we advocate for regulatory and industry-wide change, provide independent and trusted certifications such as HomeFit, Homestar and Green Star, and support New Zealand on its path to a low carbon future.

About Inzpec

Inzpec is a proptech company that is revolutionising the way property due-diligence is done in New Zealand. The company's platform connects home buyers and sellers with pre-vetted, insured, and qualified professionals. Inzpec also provides analytics, predictive models, and property scoring for lenders and insurers.

The company's mission is to make property due diligence more accessible and efficient. Inzpec believes that everyone should have the opportunity to buy a home with confidence, and the company's platform is helping to make that happen.


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