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Inzpec launches NZ's first Property Due Diligence platform through partnership with Trade Me

Inzpec, the startup that connects property buyers with qualified & trusted property inspectors, is thrilled to announce its official launch and a strategic partnership with Trade Me, New Zealand's leading online auction and classifieds website.

Co-founded by Andre Leibovici, a seasoned technology entrepreneur with Silicon Valley credentials, and Jamie Kruger, the founder of, which Trade Me acquired a year ago and a 20 year veteran in tech start-ups, Inzpec aims to revolutionise the real estate industry here in NZ.

Inzpec aims to provide a one-stop-shop for all property due diligence needs, simplifying this often intricate process.

Moreover, their mission extends to saving users valuable time and resources. The first service available now on the platform is property inspections, allowing buyers to simply order and buy a pre-purchase building report with the click of a few buttons.

"During my journey with, I always envisioned a seamless process for property buyers – a journey uninterrupted with having to navigate complex processes for a transaction," said Jamie Kruger, co-founder of Inzpec.

"With Inzpec, we are bridging that gap, offering a one-stop platform that simplifies due diligence, taking the stress and guesswork out of the equation.

We're transforming the property landscape, making it more navigable, efficient, and ultimately more enjoyable for buyers and sellers alike. For me, Inzpec represents the realisation of that original dream."

The strategic partnership with Trade Me marks a significant milestone for Inzpec. With 650,000 Kiwi visiting Trade Me every day, Inzpec is poised to leave a significant mark on the New Zealand property market.

"We are excited to partner with Inzpec to simplify the property buyer due diligence process. Integrating Inzpec's pre-purchase services into our platform, to bring more efficiency, and convenience to the buyer experience aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify the property journey for buyers, sellers and industry." said Glen Arvidson, Head of Product (Property) at Trade Me.

Inzpec's integration into the Trade Me property experience underscores Trade Me's commitment to making lives easier for its members.

In the short and medium term, Inzpec plans to expand its service offering to include additional services, crucial to property due diligence. This progression will cement Inzpecs position as the premier platform for comprehensive property due diligence services.

Inzpec addresses the issue of unqualified and underinsured inspectors by exclusively partnering with association-qualified, insured, and trustworthy inspectors across the country.

This service benefits real estate agents by providing an easy-to-use platform to order independent inspection reports in advance. The benefits to the agent include:

  • The report is immediately available on Trade Me and participating real estate agencies for prospective buyers, thereby identifying the serious ones.

  • Use of vetted inspectors who have professional indemnity insurance, utilise a common report standard, and have extensive experience with pre-purchase inspections.

  • Risk mitigation with inspections being 100% independent from the agent or seller.

  • Great marketing tool for both agent and vendor.

Inzpec's platform also serves as a time-saving tool. Through integration with Trade Me and participating real estate agencies, agents can easily provide pre-purchased reports to other interested buyers, eliminating the need for multiple property inspections.

To enhance the property buying experience, Inzpec has introduced a QR code feature, allowing agents to display this code at Open Homes for immediate purchase and download of the inspection report - possibly accelerating offers.

A further feature being rolled out by Inzpec is a powerful AI assistant trained on a vast corpus of data related to real estate, properties, building, construction, laws, and regulations - unique in New Zealand.


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