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Dunedin Property Management Founder Honored as 2023 Industry Influencer at National Conference

Rueben Skipper, the founder of Dunedin Property Management, walked away with the prestigious title of 2023 Industry Influencer at the national Property Management Conference held in Wellington recently.

The award recognises individuals who have demonstrated a significant positive impact on the industry and contributed to meaningful change over the past year.

Established in 2020, under Mr. Skipper's leadership, their office has garnered acclaim for its commitment to fostering safe and secure housing for families in the city. The company's innovative approach and influence on the national property management sector, particularly through the incorporation of te reo Māori, were key factors in securing this noteworthy accolade.

In response to the honor, Mr. Skipper expressed gratitude, acknowledging the unexpected nature of the award.

He humbly remarked, "I didn’t think a little company from Dunedin would have an impact like this."

The recognition highlights the impactful work of Dunedin Property Management in collaboration with property owners, emphasising the importance of providing safe and secure housing for the community. The company's dedication to incorporating te reo Māori into its practices further sets it apart, positively influencing the national property management sector.

Mr. Skipper emphasised the company's commitment to dispelling negative stereotypes about landlords, stating, "There is a negative stereotype that landlords do not care about their tenants. Our owners support our vision to provide safe, secure, and warm homes for our community."

He underscored the mutually beneficial relationship between treating tenants well and achieving overall satisfaction for both tenants and property owners. "It’s a win-win. In the end, it’s all about people - he tangata, he tangata, he tangata [it is people, it is people, it is people]," Mr. Skipper added.

Recognising the significant percentage of Maori people in the rental population, Mr. Skipper expressed a commitment to doing more to address their needs, saying, "I thought, ‘why aren’t we doing more?’"

Dunedin Property Management, currently a team of three with plans to expand to four, is poised for continued growth while remaining steadfast in its commitment to Rueben Skipper's core values.

The founder returned from the conference feeling "reinvigorated" and emphasised that, for him, success is not merely about financial gains but about making a positive impact, creating a difference, and doing something good for the community.


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