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Wallace & Stratton Developments Focuses on Off-Plan Sales, New Builds and Development Land

In an exciting move that is a significant shift in their business model, Wallace & Stratton Real Estate Group has announced its transformation into a developer-specific agency, specialising in off-plan sales and development land.

This strategic decision positions the company as a comprehensive service provider catering to the unique needs of developers, while reaffirming its commitment to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving real estate market.

The recent sale of Wallace & Stratton's residential arm to Sotheby's International Realty North paves the way for a more focused approach, allowing the company to concentrate its resources and expertise on a specific niche.

By honing their services, the group aims to provide unparalleled support to developers and assist them in achieving their goals with the utmost efficiency.

A solid track record over the last 20 months selling 61 successful developments with 848 properties sold, totalling a value of $683,804,416.00.

Central to the groups new vision is their emphasis on off-plan sales. By specialising in the promotion and sale of properties that are still in the nearly completed, planning or construction phase, Wallace & Stratton offers their clients exclusive access to upcoming real estate opportunities.

This strategic positioning allows developers to capitalise on the potential of their projects and reach a broader market, bolstered by the agency's extensive network and industry insights.

In addition to off-plan sales, the group recognises the crucial role of development land in the success of any project. The agency's team of experts is dedicated to sourcing and facilitating the acquisition of prime land suitable for residential or commercial development. By leveraging their knowledge of local markets and regulations, Wallace & Stratton ensures that their clients secure the best possible deals, laying a solid foundation for successful ventures.

Aesthetics and marketing play a pivotal role in the real estate industry, and Wallace & Stratton understands the power of visualisations and compelling marketing materials.

To that end, the agency collaborates with skilled suppliers to create high-quality renderings that bring developers' visions to life. These renderings enable effective communication with potential investors and buyers, allowing developers to showcase their projects' unique features and capture the imagination of their target audience.

By providing developers with these visual assets, we empower them to present their projects in the most compelling way, setting them apart in a competitive market.

Furthermore, Wallace & Stratton's in-house marketing team designs and produces bespoke marketing brochures that highlight the distinctive selling points of each development.

By creating informative marketing materials tailored to specific projects, the agency aims to captivate potential buyers and investors, further enhancing the chances of success in a competitive market.

Recognising the importance of a strong online presence, they also offer website design and management services. With their expertise, developers can ensure the creation and maintenance of professional, user-friendly websites for their projects.

By keeping these websites updated and optimized for search engines, Wallace & Stratton drives more traffic and generates valuable leads, increasing the chances of securing sales and investments.

This strategic transformation signifies Wallace & Stratton's commitment to supporting developers in achieving their goals while navigating the challenges of the real estate industry.

By specialising in off-plan sales and development land, the agency aims to become a trusted partner and a one-stop shop for all development needs. The move opens up new avenues for growth and collaboration, benefitting both clients and the company itself.


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