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Reinstating the 90-day No Cause Termination for Residential Tenancies in New Zealand

David Faulkner - General Manager of Property Brokers

In light of recent discussions surrounding the reinstatement of the 90-day No Cause Termination for Residential Tenancies in New Zealand, David Faulkner, Property Management General Manager for Property Brokers, expressed serious concerns about the potential repercussions such a policy could have on tenant security and stability.

Faulkner underscores that the revival of the 90-day No Cause Termination, while seemingly advantageous for landlords, would significantly compromise the security and well-being of tenants, particularly families and children. He emphasises, "The current housing crisis in New Zealand has already placed immense strain on vulnerable households, and reintroducing this policy would only worsen the challenges they face, potentially leading to dire consequences for families and children."

Continuing, "Tenants deserve greater security and stability in their housing arrangements, especially during these trying times. The prospect of being uprooted from their homes at short notice can have devastating effects on families and children, disrupting their education, employment, and overall quality of life."

Furthermore, Faulkner warns that reinstating the 90-day No Cause Termination could create an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty among tenants, deterring them from asserting their rights or reporting issues with their accommodations. This, in turn, could perpetuate substandard living conditions and inhibit constructive landlord-tenant relationships.

"It's crucial to foster an environment where tenants feel empowered to advocate for their needs and rights without fear of retaliation," Faulkner explained. "By reinstating the 90-day No Cause Termination, we risk silencing the voices of tenants and perpetuating cycles of insecurity and instability in the rental market."

Faulkner also highlights the need for a more robust Tenancy Tribunal to address issues of antisocial behaviour and problematic tenancies effectively. He suggests that an enhanced tribunal system would streamline the eviction process for landlords dealing with disruptive tenants, ensuring a fair and expedient resolution while upholding the rights of all parties involved.

"To maintain the integrity of the rental market and protect the interests of both landlords and tenants, we must prioritise the establishment of a more efficient and responsive Tenancy Tribunal," Faulkner emphasised. "This would enable landlords to promptly address instances of antisocial behaviour and problematic tenancies, promoting safer and more harmonious communities."

Faulkner urges policymakers to prioritise the well-being and security of tenants by rejecting the reinstatement of the 90-day No Cause Termination for Residential Tenancies. Instead, advocating for measures that promote long-term stability, fair treatment, and mutual respect between landlords and tenants.


Stayc Marie
Stayc Marie
Apr 17

A 90 day no cause termination is never used lightly anyway but gives landlords a fair way of ending a tenancy without having to give a reason.

90 day no clause is only used in extreme cases where a tenant has breached their agreement and its often the anti social aggressive tenants.

Currently you must have and prove 3 breaches sufficiently and take the tenant to tribunal to seek eviction which causes more harm for both parties

While I do agree sustainable long term housing for tenants is a goal we all want, at the same time I believe the no clause termination should never have been removed. Good tenants simply do not get given a 90 day no reason…

Lisa Iliffe
Lisa Iliffe
Apr 17
Replying to

I absolutely agree with you Stayc with bringing back the 90 day no clause option. This is great thing for good tenants and allows landlords to take a chance on a tenant, as in the current environment landlords will not put in a tenant if they have any doubts, as they are too difficult to remove if things go pear shaped. This change is good for good tenants. As good tenants will not be given notice.


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