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Realforce Secures 50M SEK Investment to Propel Global MarTech Solutions for Real Estate Industry

Realforce Receives 50M SEK Investment from Powerhouse Swedish Investors Gothenburg, Sweden – August 14th, 2023 .

Realforce, formerly known as Adfenix, is pleased to announce a substantial investment of 50M SEK from influential Swedish investors, including Spiltan Invest, Industrifonden, Starlight Invest, together with former owners and employees.

This funding marks a significant milestone for Realforce in their mission to introduce market-leading MarTech (Marketing Technology) solutions to the global real estate industry.

Established in Gothenburg, Sweden, Realforce now serves clients not just in Sweden, Norway and Finland, but around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Realforce has set an audacious goal in introducing cutting-edge MarTech solutions to a global industry that is historically slower to adopt new technologies, due to its prolonged customer journey and reliance on traditional human interactions.

But where their early competitors diverted their attention to other markets, Realforce has remained committed to real estate, addressing one specific, industry-unique challenge after another.

With this support from these powerhouse investors, Realforce is well-positioned to further enhance and expand its platform, simplifying marketing complexities for the real estate industry and solidifying its position as a leading player in the global market.

Following its recent acquisitions of customer data company Quedro and media management company Brandkeeper, Realforce now stands as one of the last independent players in the market, equipped with the power and functionality to provide tailored and specialized solutions for the real estate industry.

With a view to driving positive transformation within the real estate marketing landscape, an eagerly anticipated product launch is scheduled for later this year. Göran Pallmar, Investment Manager and Deputy CEO at Spiltan Invest, and Ingunn Ukvitne, Investment Associate, said: “We have followed Realforce for a long time and can state that the company has developed in the right direction.

Realforce has, in our eyes, made the investments required for it to become a leader in its industry on the Nordic and American markets.” André Hegge, Co-Founder and CEO of Realforce added: “This vote of confidence from Spiltan, and all our investors, is recognition of the potential that we have long believed exists in real estate; the potential for MarTech to revolutionise a multi-million dollar industry by simplifying the daily tasks of agents, through the use of innovative technology.

This capital gives us the opportunity to further innovate, whilst ensuring the security of our platform, regardless of market conditions. We thank all our investors for their commitment to supporting Realforce in the next step of our journey.”


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