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Property Brokers Celebrates 38 Years of Local Expertise and Relationship-Driven Success

From left: Tim Mordaunt, Property Brokers’ Chairman; Guy Mordaunt, Property Brokers’ Managing Director; and Tony Mordaunt, Property Brokers’ Marketing Manager.

Property Brokers, a renowned family-owned real estate company, is marking a significant milestone-38 years of connection and dedicated service to provincial New Zealand.

The company's journey began on June 1, 1986, when Tim Mordaunt and Don Brown acquired Michael Gray Real Estate located at 236 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North. From these humble beginnings, Property Brokers has flourished into a robust network with over 90 locations spanning Northland to Southland and a dedicated team of more than 950 members.

Chairman Tim Mordaunt reflects on the company's growth, "In just over three decades, we've evolved from a small family business into a leading real estate company in the regions, built on the pillars of hard work, discipline, friendships, and a deeply ingrained sense of family."

Property Brokers is deeply committed to its grassroots approach to real estate, strongly emphasising local presence and personal relationships. Chairman Tim Mordaunt affirms, "In the provinces, it's all about relationships—with our clients, our families, and our communities. We're dedicated to their prosperity." 

The company's success is rooted in its unique understanding of the provincial markets and its ability to forge lasting relationships. "Here, relationships and trust count for everything. A deal is done on a handshake, and locals judge you on how long they've known you," Mordaunt explained. 

This approach has not only endeared Property Brokers to its clients but has also cemented its reputation as the regional property specialist where Heartland Connection fosters significant insights, bringing the right people together to maximise property values.

As Property Brokers celebrates this significant milestone, the company remains steadfast in its mission to be a positive and active contributor to the growth and success of the communities it serves.

Commemorating its 38-year legacy is a reflection on the past and a recommitment to the values and relationships that have shaped its journey.


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