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MRI Software APAC Relaunches the Voice of the Property Manager Survey

MRI Software APAC is once again leading the charge in the property management sector with the return of their highly influential Voice of the Property Manager survey. Over the past three years, this critical industry research piece has sparked significant conversations and brought about meaningful changes within the industry.

The Voice of the Property Manager survey has been pivotal in highlighting the commendable efforts, the myriad challenges, and the abundant opportunities that property managers encounter in their daily work. By drawing attention to these aspects, the survey has helped shape the industry's landscape and ensure that the voices of property managers are heard and valued.

We urge everyone in the property management sector to engage with this vital research piece and share it widely within your networks and teams. Your participation is crucial in maintaining the relevance and resilience of the property management industry across Australia and New Zealand. It is an opportunity for property managers to have their voices heard and to influence the future direction of the industry.

The survey is entirely confidential, encouraging participants to provide open, honest, and frank feedback. Please ensure you complete the survey by 5pm (AEST) on June 20, 2024.

By coming together and contributing to this research, we can continue to drive important conversations and initiatives that benefit the entire property management community. Let’s make sure the industry remains robust and responsive to the needs of those who make it thrive.


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