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Learn How to Prosper from A Real Estate Downturn

No matter the state of the economy, good agents realise that people need to sell for various reasons; there are always a number of properties on the market and there is always an opportunity to be the one to sell that stock.

People always need a place to live; it’s why housing is so vital to our economy.

Economists and industry pundits are predicting that Australian & New Zealand property prices will continue to fall throughout 2023, stabilising either late in the year or early 2024.

Keeping a strategic mindset, this means you don’t have long to leverage your current market share.

With agent numbers reduced, now is the perfect time to streamline your business and move up the leaderboard.

In this report, I share the hard-hitting truths about what you must do to survive and thrive. Having tried many different business models, today I know which works best at keeping your business out of the red.


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