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Lead Generation Campaign Celebrates 9 years of Success - Selling in Spring, Starts in Winter

Nic Fren, CEO of Bespoke Media Group and a leading expert in real estate marketing, is urging agents to start preparing for the Spring market now. With the official kick-off of the "Selling in Spring, Starts in Winter" campaign, now in its 9th year, Fren highlights the critical role early marketing efforts play in maximising visibility, engaging the marketplace, and positioning agents as market leaders.

The Strategic Advantage of Early Preparation

According to Fren, the Spring season is a peak period for real estate, characterised by a high volume of property listings and increased buyer activity.

To leverage this opportunity, agents must begin their preparations well in advance. The "Selling in Spring, Starts in Winter" campaign, now in its ninth year, offers a comprehensive strategy to help agents build momentum and achieve outstanding results.

"Starting your marketing efforts in winter sets the stage for a successful Spring market," says Nic Fren. "The campaign equips agents with innovative marketing tools that enhance their visibility and establish their authority in the marketplace."

Elevating Marketing and Branding Efforts

Fren points out that in an industry where many agents rely on generic "Would you like a price update?" messages, the "Selling in Spring, Starts in Winter" campaign provides a fresh and engaging approach. This campaign is designed to elevate agents' marketing and branding efforts, ensuring their messages resonate with potential clients.

Campaign Features

The campaign offers a robust suite of materials tailored to various aspects of real estate marketing:

  • Engaging Social Media Content: Custom posts designed to capture attention and generate leads.

  • Pre-Written Emails and Blogs: Professionally crafted messages and articles to keep clients informed and engaged.

  • Effective SMS Templates: Concise and impactful messages for direct communication.

  • Informative Printouts for Open Homes: Visually appealing handouts to distribute during open houses.

  • Conversation Starters for Shop Front Windows: Eye-catching prompts to initiate discussions with potential clients.

  • Tutorials & training from some of the best leaders in the industry.

Proven Success

Nic Fren emphasises that the "Selling in Spring, Starts in Winter" campaign has a proven track record of success. Agents who fully embrace the campaign often see significant increases in lead generation and sales.

"This campaign is one of the most effective lead generation strategies I've encountered," Fren states. "Agents who commit to it achieve remarkable results, positioning themselves as leaders in their markets."

Mr Fren concludes by highlighting the importance of strategic marketing and early preparation. By leveraging the "Selling in Spring, Starts in Winter" campaign, agents can ensure maximum visibility, effectively engage their marketplace, and position themselves as market leaders.

As agents gear up for the next 90 days, they are not just preparing for Spring—they are setting the stage for a strong finish to the year.


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