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Family and Community Values the Foundation of Ray White Grey Lynn

Family values and delivering a real estate experience powered by locals, for locals, is what drives the team at Ray White Grey Lynn.

The new Ray White Grey Lynn business will be led by Angela Saunders, brother and sister team Chloe and Scott Wither, and siblings Tim, Rachel and Ruth Hawes.

Consistently raising the bar of what exceptional service means in the real estate industry, with decades of collective experience, their small but mighty team of agents consistently rank among New Zealand’s top performers.

The Hawes family has a strong history of business leadership, having owned and operated Ray White Kingsland for close to 20 years, and when Chloe, Scott, and Angela joined the business in 2022, the working environment was so productive and cohesive that the team aimed to expand their businesses further together.

With much of the team living in and around Grey Lynn, they are already locals in the community.

“We are known for having a really strong presence in the community,” Angela said. “Living in the neighbourhood, we go to the farmers markets and the local shops are great.” Scott said local businesses are an important part of the community.

“A lot of the shops and restaurants near our office are independent, they’re run by owner operators which makes it a good fit for us as well,” he said. “We are known for our authenticity and our real connection to the area.”

Tim said the team wanted Ray White Grey Lynn to become the agency of choice in Grey Lynn and grow their reputation for excellence.

“It’s been a long time since there’s been a true market leader in Grey Lynn and we’re excited to become a part of the fabric of the neighbourhood and meet more locals coming through our open homes.”

Angela said they hoped to grow their business with two or three more teams in the next 12 months.

“We’re trying to generate a team-focused business where we can support good salespeople and their teams to grow their businesses. We all succeed when that happens,” she said.

“For all of us here at Ray White Grey Lynn that has been the pathway we followed - there’s been a successful salesperson who has brought in and developed another successful salesperson and they’ve built their team from there.”

The Ray White Grey Lynn leadership team all believe salespeople need to be given a pathway to success and that comes through sharing their experience in building strong support teams.

Rachel said they planned to run Ray White Grey Lynn and Ray White Kingsland side by side.

“It's a symbiotic relationship between the two areas. They’re neighbouring suburbs with some similarities,” she said.

“We all feel strongly about the importance of a great work environment and we want to retain the culture we have built at Ray White Kingsland and recreate that in Grey Lynn.

“When Angela’s mum Pamela Grant, a successful and recently retired salesperson, came to work at Ray White Kingsland in 2022, she said it was the best place she had worked in her 43 years in real estate.

“We want every member of the Ray White Grey Lynn team to echo that sentiment.”


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