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Console Cloud and Tapi Integration Revolutionise Property Maintenance

Reapit proudly announces an integration within Console Cloud's marketplace: Tapi, a leading maintenance platform partner.

This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment for property management, streamlining maintenance communication between tenants, property managers, tradespeople, and owners.


Tapi introduces innovative features, including a 24/7 AI chatbot designed to troubleshoot tenant issues swiftly, empowering property managers with efficient solutions.

Moreover, Tapi enhances the property investment experience by enabling comprehensive tracking of depreciation and repair history, facilitating informed decisions on maintenance and asset management.


Tapi’s mission is to redefine maintenance in the property management industry.

By transforming maintenance from a pain point into a cornerstone of property care, Tapi aims to simplify processes, leverage data-driven insights, and deliver exceptional value to clients, thereby fostering agency growth and retention.


Co-FounderTaylor Coleman emphasises, “Tapi brings the perfect offering to an agency with Console Cloud. As a Console Cloud client utilising the Tapi integration, you can eliminate the stress around tenant’s reporting maintenance, supercharge the maintenance follow-up process, and drive more growth with the business by leveraging more value ads for your owners.”


“With Console Cloud, we saw an opportunity to integrate with an amazing product that we complement seamlessly.

Working with the team at Console Cloud has been a dream partnership and we look forward to all the amazing things we can do together for the future.”


Reapit’s Head of Partnerships and Integration, Emily Hawkes says “We are delighted to welcome Tapi into the Console Cloud marketplace, delivering a seamless integration giving valuable choice to our Console Cloud clients to automate their maintenance process with a leading ANZ maintenance platform.”


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