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BIGGER & BETTER: RETNZ Anticipating a Monumental Year in 2024

"BIGGER & BETTER are the two words to describe what's in store for RETNZ in 2024" says editor Nic Fren

"Driven by the exceptional and rapid success of Real Estate Today New Zealand (RETNZ), we've been speaking with industry leaders & have some massive plans for the industry in the coming year," he says.

Whilst not wanting to give too much away just yet, Mr Fren can reveal a host of stellar events, podcasts, and industry engagement.

"We are speaking with industry leaders about what they want for their networks & how our platform can continue to educate & inspire those in the industry.

"There's a real energy we are seeing from those in the industry who are keen to give back & I'm really excited for what's in store," he says.

Since its inception in April this year, RETNZ has been a catalyst for redefining the way real estate professionals navigate the industry.

Its success has been meteoric, setting new benchmarks and redefining standards.

As RETNZ gears up for this momentous year, the invitation is extended to the entire real estate community to partake in this journey.

Mr Fren emphasises that this publication was created by those in the industry for those in the industry.

Collaborative participation and collective engagement are not just encouraged but essential in the evolution and success of the industry.

Whether that's sharing experiences or guidance to advertising directly to the very people you are looking to attract, RETNZ has built a loyal following of those within the industry.

RETNZ will continue to push boundaries and redefine norms, setting an inspiring trajectory for the future of the real estate industry in New Zealand.


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