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Agency HQ to Bring a Fresh Real Estate Model to New Zealand

Agency HQ, a leading Australian real estate network, has announced its plans to expand into the New Zealand market in the second half of 2023. The move comes as many Australian real estate firms are recognising the value in the region, which has experienced a significant uptick in interest from Australian-owned groups over recent months. With its unique business model, Agency HQ aims to revolutionise the real estate industry in the region by providing enhanced value to agents. The network offers two distinct options tailored to meet the specific needs of agents and business owners.

Under the first option, agents and agencies can choose to operate under the Agency HQ brand. This allows them to leverage the reputation and recognition of group while benefiting from the comprehensive support services offered by the network.

The second option enables agents to create their own brand while being affiliated with Agency HQ as a "Member of Agency HQ." This innovative approach empowers agents to maintain their individual identity while still accessing the full range of resources and support provided by the network. Mark Morrison, CEO of Agency HQ, expressed his enthusiasm about the expansion into the New Zealand market, stating, "This is an exciting time for us.

Both models we offer provide agents with 100% backend administrative support, business training, and coaching." Morrison further emphasised the significant appetite in New Zealand for a strong real estate brand, particularly in the current softer market. He believes that Agency HQ's unique offerings will provide agents with an edge and more opportunities for success.

The expansion reflects Agency HQ's commitment to delivering exceptional services and support to agents in both Australia and New Zealand. The network's expansion will contribute to the growth and diversification of the real estate industry, attracting further interest from Australian-owned groups and stimulating healthy competition. Agency HQ is set to launch its operations in New Zealand in the second half of 2023, and interested agents and agencies are encouraged to reach out to explore the possibilities offered by the network's distinctive business model.


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