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4 ways to sell up to 31% faster

Developing new ways to engage buyers and boost project sales is the number one priority for marketers and developers. In this article, we briefly explore how EnvisionVR’s innovative approach to project marketing and sales can improve your sales rate. Join us as we explore four of the profound effects EnvisionVR is having on the way projects are marketed and sold.

1. Close sales faster and at a higher price – Studies have shown that properties featuring virtual tours have a significant advantage over properties without a tour. One study showed that listings with virtual tours sell up to 31% faster than those without and command a 4% – 9% higher price [1]. The price premium is attributed to the added value and immersive nature of virtual tours which allows buyers to develop a deeper emotional connection to the property and imagine themselves living in the space.

The power of virtual tours lies in their ability to induce a state of physical and emotional engagement with the viewer, known as immersion. By leveraging EnvisionVR’s technology, agents and developers can immerse prospective buyers in their projects, capturing the attention of potential buyers and driving faster sales at higher price points.

By embracing virtual tours agents and developers not only position themselves at the forefront of the industry, but also elevate their customer experience whilst improving sales results.

2. Listings with virtual tours attract more attention and generate more interest, making them a powerful tool for marketers to maximize exposure. According to Zillow, listings with virtual tours attracted 81% more views, were saved by users 53% more frequently and receive 49% more qualified leads than those without [2][3]. It’s now clear that immersing buyers in a property with a virtual tour drives tangible action from prospective buyers.

Whilst platforms like Matterport have made virtual tours of built properties ubiquitous the use of virtual tours for off-the-plan/pre-construction real estate has not been possible, in an easy, accessible way, prior to EnvisionVR’s offering their Virtual Experiences.

3. Overcoming geographical barriers is one of the significant advantages of EnvisionVR’s immersive technology. Agents can connect with buyers from anywhere in the world and showcase their project. A recent study by [4] revealed that 80% of potential buyers stated that VR tours positively influenced their decision-making process, with a significant number expressing a willingness to make sight-unseen purchases based on the immersive experience.

By transcending geographical barriers, EnvisionVR enables agents to tap into a global market and reach potential buyers who may be located in different cities, states, or even countries. This expanded reach opens up new opportunities for agents and developers, as they can present their projects to a much wider audience, attracting interest from buyers who would have otherwise been unable to physically visit the showroom.

4. Building trust and emotional connection through Virtual Experiences is a key focus area for EnvisionVR. Traditional marketing tools like renders and animations sometimes fall short of conveying the true essence of a property. EnvisionVR’s photorealistic Virtual Experiences fill this gap by providing a life-like representation of the entire future space. Being able to explore every part of a property is important to prospective buyers. According to a survey conducted by the Virtual Reality in Real Estate Association (VRREA) [5], over 85% of potential buyers reported that VR tours enhanced their ability to visualise and connect emotionally with the property.

EnvisionVR’s platform represents a groundbreaking advancement in off-the-plan/pre-construction sales within the real estate industry. By leveraging Virtual Experiences, agents and developers can effectively engage potential buyers and achieve exceptional sales outcomes. Embracing EnvisionVR’s innovative technology allows agents and developers to position themselves as industry leaders, overcome geographical barriers, elevate the buyers’ journey, and expedite the sales process.


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