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2024 AUSTROS Event to Enhance Accessibility for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Attendees

With days left before the start of the eagerly awaited AUSTROS 2024, 13 top auctioneers from across Australasia are preparing for an exciting display of their skills at the event organised by the Tasmanian Real Estate Institute.

Displaying the epitome of auctioneering skills, these contenders from Australia and New Zealand will compete for the distinction of being the leading auctioneer in the Trans-Tasman area on May 15, 2024.

Leanne Pilkington, President of the REIA, shared her excitement, underscoring the essential function that auctioneering serves in the real estate sectors of both Australia and New Zealand.

“AUSTROS 2024 has garnered great excitement from across Australia and New Zealand with the event recognising outstanding talent within the real estate industry.

“Participants in AUSTROS undergo rigorous selection, with each Australian state and territory conducting its own competition to unearth its top two auctioneers,” Ms Pilkington said.

“We are also delighted to announce that AUSTROS 2024 will be signed in both Auslan and New Zealand sign language in partnership with Expression Australia as part of our commitment to making real estate transactions fair, accessible and transparent.”

Rebecca Adam, the CEO of Expression Australia, commended the Real Estate Institute of Australia for making notable improvements in accessibility for the Deaf and hard of hearing community.

Expression Australia, along with REIA, is committed to making access and inclusion for our Deaf and Hard of hearing community a standard practice throughout the real estate sector. This will be achieved through ongoing collaboration and the development of industry-wide best practices and resources.

Hosted by REIT Chief Executive, Michelle Tynan, he added “For the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania, hosting the Championships is extra special, as it gives Tasmania the opportunity to witness the true craft of Auctioneering.

We hope we showcase locally the value of auction as an important method of sale for the Tasmanian real estate consumer. We encourage Tasmanians to come along to watch the true spectacle that auctioneering can be.  

Jen Baird, REINZ Chief Executive, said that “We take our auctioneering seriously in NZ, and competition was fierce for the two spots for kiwis at the AUSTROS this year.

While we celebrate the skill of the competition, the real value of our auctioneers is the support, advice and talent they bring to the sales process, supporting agents to deliver excellence to their clients every day.   

The AUSTROS championships are held annually, celebrating the extraordinary skills found in the Australasian auctioneering sector.

These events are a collaborative effort between the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) and REINZ, marking them as a major highlight on the Australasian auctioneering circuit.

Hosting responsibilities rotate among the Australian states and territories, promoting broad involvement, and New Zealand proudly hosts every four years. The first AUSTROS event was launched in 1993, co-hosted by the REIT and the Real Estate Institute of Victoria.


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