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100 Sales a Year In a Town of 1,800 People

In the latest episode of 'The Chat' RETNZ Editor Nic Fren sat down with Karan MacDiarmid to discuss her journey over the past 13 years. 

From starting as a PA to now selling over 100 properties per year, in a town of only 1,800 people. 

Karan is recognised ats one of the top 3 agents in the LJ Hooker network for Income & Transactions. 

Interview timeline:

00:51 - How did Karan get started in the industry 

02:31 - How has the industry changed over the past 13 years 

04:40 - What tech means in today's world 

07:40 - How Karan reached the top 3 performers in the group 

09: 49 - How to service clients effectively when you are running so many listings

13:36 - How Karan manages her time

14:06 - What the future of real estate looks like 

14:40 - What the proposed new legislation for property managers mean

16:30 - Advice for new agents starting out, or those looking to start a career in real estate sales.

17:30 - Managing new sales agents expectations. 


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