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The Auction That's Garnering Attention from Australia

Agent Karl Leathley is gearing up for an electrifying auction event set to take place next month, as the coveted Boatshed 6149 steps into the spotlight.

Nestled along the picturesque Hatea River at 2/50 Riverside Drive, this distinctive 24-square-meter shed is poised to captivate the attention of eager bidders and enthusiasts alike.

Expressing his astonishment, Karl Leathley shared, “The fervor surrounding this property has exceeded any engagement I've seen in my listings over the past year.” The allure of Boatshed 6149 has transcended borders, with inquiries streaming in from even across the Tasman Sea, as far as Australia.

The Hatea River boatsheds, an exceptionally rare commodity just outside the town basin, consistently evoke substantial interest whenever they make an appearance in the market.

While boatsheds elsewhere in New Zealand have commanded prices in the millions, this offering presents an accessible and appealing entry point into this unique niche.

The existing boatshed stands as a testament to craftsmanship, crafted from native timber and crowned with a timeless corrugated iron roof. Nestled within its walls is a replica of a 19th-century Banks Dory cod boat, an emblem of the property's historical charm. Prospective buyers have envisaged diverse utilities for this versatile space, from artisanal studios to practical storage solutions.

Notably, the resource consent for Boatshed 6149 encompasses a mooring area measuring approximately 6m x 3m, inclusive of mooring infrastructure. It permits berthed vessels to occupy the space for up to two consecutive nights within a seven-day span. Adhering to ecological standards, it restricts the release of pollutants into the river ecosystem.

While Boatshed 6149 presently lacks amenities such as a toilet or kitchen, Karl Leathley underscores the latent potential. Water and sewage connections at the boundary hint at the possibility of future enhancements, subject to consent adjustments.

He noted, “Aspirations take form through resource consent applications to the regional council, paving the way for personalized transformations.” In the same row, some larger boatsheds boast bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, enhancing their practicality.

The existing resource consent, extending to October 2023, is poised for renewal. It is primed to endure until at least August 2058, assuring prospective owners of an enduring investment.

Drawing parallels, Karl Leathley highlighted a similar-sized boatshed at 50 Riverside Drive that exchanged hands in 2020 for $61,000, albeit in a dilapidated state.

This transaction underscores the willingness of enthusiasts to invest in these distinctive properties. Leathley underscored that the prior shed necessitated resource consent renewal and extensive reconstruction, entailing a substantive financial commitment from the new owner.

A distinct facet of boatshed ownership is the absence of a traditional title. Instead, ownership is solidified through rights and interests stipulated in the resource consent, facilitating a seamless transition from the incumbent owner to the purchaser.

With the anticipation building, the auction of Boatshed 6149 promises to be an event brimming with excitement, drawing the attention of those who appreciate the allure of a riverside sanctuary with rich historical resonance.


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