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RETNZ Triumphs as Sole Industry Voice: Unprecedented Success in Nine Months Thanks to Overwhelming Support from New Zealand's Real Estate Community

Real Estate Today New Zealand (RETNZ) extends its heartfelt appreciation to the New Zealand real estate industry for the warm embrace and overwhelming support since its launch in April 2023.

Recognising a gap in the market, RETNZ set out to provide a dedicated platform for industry professionals to stay informed and connected.

In just nine months, RETNZ has become a resounding success, attracting a broad readership and fostering extensive engagement within the real estate community.

The publication's Editor, Nic Fren, emphasises the organic growth of RETNZ, stating, "It's happened organically. We noticed a gap in the market and filled it. There's nothing like what we have, which is why I beleive it's been so well embraced." he says.

We haven't had to spend thousands of dollars on social media campaigns or Google rankings – the success is a testament to the industry's hunger for knowledge, education and collaboration."

The true measure of RETNZ's success lies in its readership and engagement metrics.

Over the past months, the publication has witnessed agents sharing their inspiring stories of venturing into business ownership, explored the impact of technology on the industry, and featured expert insights into the ever-evolving real estate landscape. Additionally, RETNZ has covered noteworthy events such as awards ceremonies, charity initiatives, and the entry of Australian companies into the New Zealand market.

The overwhelming engagement from the industry prompted RETNZ to accelerate the launch of its podcast series, 'The Chat.' Originally slated for early 2024, the podcast has already garnered thousands of episode downloads and features insightful conversations with industry leaders.

In addtion to that, a 'Career Opportunities' board was introduced in recent weeks. "It make sense to business owners and those within the industry looking to make a shift to advertise with us, as we have a direct line to those within the industry. We are in front of the very people business owners are tyring to attract.

As RETNZ heads into the new year, the publication expresses sincere gratitude to all contributors, advertisers, podcast guests, and, most importantly, its dedicated readership.

The success of RETNZ is a collective achievement, and without the support of the industry, it would not have become the thriving platform it is today.

"We are immensely thankful for the trust and enthusiasm shown by the New Zealand real estate community.

Your contributions, stories, and engagement have made RETNZ a hub for industry knowledge and collaboration. As we move forward, we look forward to continuing this journey together," says Mr Fren.


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