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One Agency Reaches New Milestone Announcing 700 Personnel

One Agency, founded by the visionary duo Paul and Annie Davies, amid the tumultuous backdrop of the global financial crisis in 2008, proudly announces a significant milestone - soaring past a membership personnel count of 700 industry-leading professionals.

Evolving from a simple idea during a conversation over dinner, the network has gone on to enjoy unwavering growth across Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. 

From its inception, Mr & Mrs Davies envisioned a distinct business model. This has remained unwavering for close to two decades and has propelled the network’s exponential organic growth.

Among their pioneering initiatives was introducing Australia's first fixed-fee real estate model. Also providing agents with the flexibility to operate from either a shopfront or a private/home office. This groundbreaking approach positioned the network at the forefront of innovation and adaptation in the industry.

Continuing to lead the industry in 2023, the network recently unveiled "ONE PLACE," a platform conceived and designed to empower its members with marketing tools, service provider access, lead generation & training. “Staying at the forefront of innovation has been and is what continues to drive our growth,” says Mr Davies. 

This launch is accompanied by the latest introduction of "Instant Property Reports," an innovative tool aimed at providing a competitive edge for agents within the network.

CEO and Founder Paul Davies affirmed, "Our unwavering commitment lies in collaborating closely with our members, valuing their insights, and evolving our services to catapult the growth of their businesses. Our members’ successes fuel our journey."

Co-Founder Annie Davies underscored the network's fundamental principles, stating, "Our exceptional organic growth stems from our steadfast dedication to acting in the best interests of all - be it our members or service providers."

The meteoric rise of One Agency's community is propelled by a culture of innovation, unyielding support for its members, and an unshakable commitment to integrity across all facets of their operation. The attainment of 700 personnel stands as a testament to the dedication and visionary leadership of the founders, supported by the thriving community they've cultivated.


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