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Network adds lead generation & lead nurturing to the group after announcing a brand new product

This week ONE AGENCY unveiled their latest groundbreaking innovation, 'ONE PLACE.', which will now include social media lead generation & lead nurturing.

The all-in-one platform revolutionises the way real estate professionals manage their media, marketing, client relationships, access to support, and alliance partners, providing a comprehensive solution for their diverse needs.

Founder & CEO Paul Davies revealed the upgraded version of 'ONE PLACE' in a closed Facebook post to the international group last Tuesday, highlighting the efforts that have gone on behind the scenes to bring this to life.

With so many offerings in the social media space and uncertainty around lead generation and what that looks like, we have developed our campaigns to not only engage more conversations between homeowners and our agents but to ensure those leads are nurtured effectively and not just a piece of data that lives in a CRM.

Our aim is to provide cutting edge campaigns that give our members the opportunity to have deeper conversations right from the get-go & build relationships, instead of simply responding with 'are you thinking of selling'.

"Times are changing" Mr Davies said and we need to make sure we have the appropriate tools in place to keep our members at the forefront. It's imperative we remain at the forefront of technology and continue to introduce real tools to assist our members in their marketplaces" he says.

'ONE PLACE' is meticulously designed to enhance the overall experience of the One Agency members. The platform offers an extensive range of services, catering to social media lead generation, lead nurturing, media and marketing training, and unrivalled content and support.

Furthermore, the platform seamlessly integrates access to alliance partners, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches across various sites.

Real estate professionals can now effortlessly connect and collaborate in a unified environment.

In today's fast-paced business world, convenience, speed, and user-friendly systems are paramount to thriving.

"This platform is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to empowering our members with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive landscape.

With 'ONE PLACE,' our members can unlock their full potential and most importantly, enhance their services to their customers."


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