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Mark McGoldrick from Harcourts Canterbury Triumphs at LVD Auction Championships 2024

Mark McGoldrick, representing Harcourts Canterbury, emerged victorious in the premier division of the LVD Auction Championships held in Auckland. The event, which showcases top-tier auctioneering talent, saw McGoldrick demonstrate exceptional skill and finesse, securing the prestigious title after a series of intense competitions.

Harcourts, proudly had its representatives excel in both the novice and premier divisions of the championships. Sharni Bichan from Harcourts Highland Group, Jack Sumich from Harcourts Blue Fern Realty, and Zay Griffiths from Harcourts Team Taranaki displayed commendable performances in the novice division heats, underscoring the agency's commitment to nurturing talent within its ranks.

In the novice division, Jack Sumich advanced to the finals, showcasing remarkable prowess, although he narrowly missed clinching the top spot. Nonetheless, his outstanding performance is a testament to the calibre of professionals within Harcourts.

Moving to the premier division, Harcourts was strongly represented by Brayden Coldicutt from Harcourts Regent Realty, Travers Smyth from Harcourts Cooper & Co., Mark McGoldrick from Harcourts Canterbury, Shane Cortese - Harcourts National Auction Manager, and Aaron Davis -Harcourts Network Development Manager. All having demonstrated exceptional skills but among them were Shane Cortese and Mark McGoldrick earning their spots in the finals.

In a thrilling culmination to the event, Mark delivered outstanding calls and strategic manoeuvres, ultimately clinching the premier division title. His victory underscores Harcourts' dedication to excellence and the cultivation of top-notch auctioneering talent.

The LVD World Auctioneering Championships provide a valuable platform for auctioneers to hone their skills and prepare for national-level competitions. The event serves as a testament to the dedication and expertise of auctioneers worldwide, further elevating the standards of the profession.

Mark expressed his satisfaction in clinching the LVD Auction Championship, particularly as it marked his fifth attempt. He faced stiff competition from Conor Patton, an accomplished auctioneer, who had dominated the competition for the past three years. Among the notable contenders included former Australasian Auctioneering Champion Clarence White.

Mark extended his gratitude to Mark Sumich for establishing this platform, designed by auctioneers for auctioneers, which provided three days of invaluable sharing and learning. He also thanked fellow auctioneer Julia Rust for her instrumental role in organising the event, noting her status as a finalist in the senior division.

Bryan Thomson, Managing Director – Harcourts New Zealand says, “I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Mark McGoldrick for his remarkable achievement and to all Harcourts  representatives. The premier division win for Harcourts and the standout performances by our emerging talents truly showcase the potential and depth of expertise within our organisation. This success at the prestigious event fills me with immense pride.”



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