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Mala Maharaj Takes on the Role of CEO for RE/MAX in New Zealand and Fiji.

Ms Maharaj has been a steadfast ally to former CEO Don Ha throughout his career, partnering with him in the real estate industry for twenty years. Initially, she held the position of general manager at Don Ha Real Estate before moving on to serve as general manager at RE/MAX Revolution.

In 2020, she advanced to a corporate leadership role, becoming the chief operations officer alongside Mr Ha.

From the very beginning, Ms. Maharaj has been deeply involved with RE/MAX New Zealand. In April of last year, she elevated her role by becoming a co-owner of the master franchise in New Zealand.

Currently, she manages the daily operations of the significant franchise, overseeing its systems and processes, and supporting the network of broker-owner clients and their businesses.

Ms Maharaj said she was honoured to have taken the role as CEO and she was looking to invest in RE/MAX’s people in New Zealand and Fiji.

“My goal is to grow the brand in both countries,” she said.

“I want to work with the broker-owners and the agents as well, and help people achieve their dreams at the same time.”

Cheryl Luster, Director of Global Development, RE/MAX, LLC congratulated Ms Maharaj and Mr Ha on the leadership changes.

“I am very excited for Mala and for RE/MAX growth in the region because she is a true business professional, and a wonderful leader and ambassador for RE/MAX worldwide,” Ms Luster said.

Mr Ha said Ms Maharaj was a natural choice as the next CEO of RE/MAX New Zealand and Fiji.

He said of the past four years he had spent hundreds of hours leading the brand through growth and profitability and Ms Maharaj had been there “every step of the way”.

“She knows the business inside out,” Mr Ha said. 

“She is fully experienced and possesses the optimum qualities to lead RE/MAX New Zealand into the next phase of growth instead of me, so I decided it was time to turn to my other talents and loves of coaching, teaching, mentoring, marketing, brand awareness and sponsorships.”

Mr Ha will now take the role of chairperson of the Board for RE/MAX New Zealand and RE/MAX Fiji.

This gives him the opportunity to fully immerse himself in his passion, Don Ha Project Marketing. Since April, he has successfully secured $200 million in new listings, with sellers investing over $150,000 in marketing.

Sales have surged significantly, with website traffic increasing by approximately 30% since April.

The Don Ha Projects Team, recognised globally with RE/MAX awards, has played a pivotal role in numerous projects both domestically and internationally.

Their efforts have generated employment opportunities for hundreds of contractors and suppliers.

With a global client base, they have established a presence in key locations across the Asia-Pacific and Europe, including cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Nouméa, Paris, London, Ulaanbaatar, and beyond.

Mr Ha said RE/MAX was set to become an even greater brand in New Zealand and Fiji in the next five years, courtesy of its values – loyalty, trust, respect and hard work.


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