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It's FREE to Submit Your Stories To RETNZ, In Fact, We'll Even Write Them For You at NO CHARGE!

RETNZ has quickly grown to become New Zealand's #1 industry publication.

We want to share in your wins, successes and your journey's. AND make sure we make it as easy as possible to get your stories out there.

PLUS, we don't charge you for stories. Whether you submit them or you would like some help from us in putting them together.

Our team of highly enthusiastic editors are here ready & waiting to help get your message out to the country.

Check out the list below of stories we are looking for & let's look at how a feature story in RETNZ can help build your brand.

Being featured in a national publication like ours can have significant benefits for a real estate agent/office or networks brand and credibility in their marketplace.

Here are five reasons why:

  1. Increased Visibility and Exposure: National publications have a wide readership and online presence. Being featured in such a publication exposes the real estate agent to a much larger audience than they might typically reach through local marketing efforts. This increased visibility can help them gain recognition and attract potential clients who may not have otherwise been aware of their services.

  2. Enhanced Credibility: Being featured in a reputable national publication lends an air of credibility and authority to the real estate agent's expertise. It signifies that they have valuable insights and knowledge that are worth sharing on a national level. This can lead potential clients to trust their skills and advice more readily, ultimately boosting their credibility within their local marketplace.

  3. Validation of Expertise: National publications often select professionals to feature based on their expertise and achievements. Being chosen to contribute insights or perspectives to such publications validates the real estate agent's expertise and industry knowledge. This validation can differentiate them from competitors and position them as a trusted authority in their field.

  4. Networking and Partnerships: National publications often attract attention from other professionals, including those in the real estate industry and related fields. Being featured can open doors to networking opportunities and potential partnerships with other respected individuals and organizations. Collaborations with professionals from different parts of the country can broaden the agent's reach and knowledge base.

  5. Local Market Authority: When local clients see that a real estate agent has been featured in a national publication, they are likely to perceive the agent as having a higher level of success and recognition. This perception can translate into increased authority within the local marketplace. Clients may be more inclined to seek out the agent's services, believing that they possess unique insights and strategies learned from a broader perspective.

What kind of stories are we looking to feature?

1) Market trends and forecasts: Analysis of current real estate market conditions, including trends in housing prices, inventory levels, and buyer/seller activity.

2) New office openings, new staff members joining, businesses expanding.

3) Sustainable and green building practices: Coverage of eco-friendly and energy-efficient building techniques, sustainable materials, and the impact of green features on property values.

4) Technology and real estate: Exploring the impact of technology on the real estate industry, including smart home features, virtual tours, online property listings, and emerging proptech solutions, social media and/or prospecting.

5) Commercial real estate: Analysis of the commercial property market, including trends in office spaces, retail properties, industrial real estate, and the impact of changing consumer behavior.

6) Luxury real estate: Coverage of high-end residential properties, luxury home features, market trends in luxury real estate, and insights into the affluent buyer's market.

7) Real estate law and regulations: Updates on legal and regulatory changes affecting the real estate industry, including zoning laws, property rights, landlord-tenant regulations, and fair housing laws.

8) Opinion on the current market & forecasts for the future.

9) How the rental market is performing at the moment.

10) Community engagement and/or events.


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