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Island Featured in “The Other Side of Heaven 2” and “NZ Celebrity Treasure Island” Goes Up for Sale

The stunning island that served as the breathtaking backdrop for the hit movies & TV shows “The Other Side of Heaven 2” and “NZ Celebrity Treasure Island” is now up for sale with Australian real estate agent - Annie Abra of Agency HQ.

The picturesque island, located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, offers potential buyers the chance to own a unique and breathtaking piece of paradise.

The island, known as Namuka, is located in the Fiji Islands and spans over 26 hectares. Boasting pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush tropical vegetation, making it the perfect location for filming blockbuster movies and reality TV shows.

"The sale of Namuka presents a rare opportunity for investors and buyers seeking to own a piece of untouched natural beauty" says Ms Abra with the island offering limitless potential, whether it be for a private retreat, eco-tourism venture, or a luxury resort development.

“I'm thrilled to present this incredible opportunity to buyers and investors looking for something truly unique and special,” she said.

We’re confident that this sale will generate a lot of interest and we look forward to working with interested buyers to make their dreams a reality.”

Namuka offers unrivaled natural beauty, stunning scenery, and endless possibilities. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a piece of paradise.

Annie Abra

Agency HQ

Partner / Noosa, Sunshine Coast

0499 11 22 61


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