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Five Offices Join Raine & Horne, Fueling Bay's Growth Opportunities

The expansion of real estate super brand Raine & Horne in New Zealand in its 140th year has gone up a gear with the announcement that five highly established offices in the Bay of Plenty and Hauraki region have joined the ranks of the super brand.

Led by experienced principals Neville Ruske and Paul Billinghurst, the latest Raine & Horne group additions are strategically located in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Katikati, Waihi, and Waihi Beach.

According to the latest data from CoreLogic, the expansion coincides with a resurgence in buyer activity in the Bay of Plenty's real estate markets. The super brand, established on 23 May 1883 and remains 100% family-owned, is taking advantage of this opportunity.

Plenty of real estate experience

Mr Ruske’s journey in real estate commenced in 1988, and brings extensive experience in residential, commercial, industrial, lifestyle, and property management. In 2011, he and his wife, Gill Ruske, founded NRG Realty with the acquisition of an office from another company in Tauranga. The business has since expanded to include offices in Mount/Papamoa, Katikati, Waihi, and Waihi Beach.

Mr Billinghurst, with a background in engineering, IT, and management, transitioned into real estate in 2014. After achieving the NZ Rookie of the Year award in his first year with a previous real estate group, he became a co-owner of NRG Realty Ltd. alongside his wife, Bronwen Billinghurst, in 2021.

As a principal of the business, Mr Billingshurst now oversees the five Raine & Horne offices in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Katikati, Waihi Beach, and Waihi, relishing the opportunity to support his team and immerse himself in the exciting world of real estate.

Angus Raine, Executive Chairman of Raine & Horne, who is the fourth generation of his family to lead the Australasian super brand, expressed his confidence in the new principals, stating, “I can see Paul takes pleasure in assisting his salespeople in their growth and development which ensures they provide excellent outcomes for their sellers and buyers.

“His responsibilities involve running the day-to-day operations of and exploring new technologies and approaches to real estate to keep the team up to date,” Mr Raine added.

“Neville’s passion for property shines through not only from establishing five successful real estate offices in the Bay of Plenty and Hauraki region but also from his ownership of rental and commercial properties and his current involvement in building projects.

“Neville and Paul are excellent operators who are sure to embrace our ecosystem of digital marketing firsts,” he said.

“Digital marketing is redefining how properties are promoted and sold in New Zealand, and with our ecosystem of technology-first, headed by the cutting-edge social media marketing platform, Amplify, Raine & Horne proudly stands as a formidable leader in this rapidly evolving space.”

Embracing a legacy of technology success and unparalleled support

Mr Billinghurst agreed that Raine & Horne’s cutting-edge technology, its unique value proposition, and unwavering support were too good to ignore.

“Raine & Horne offers us something different from other brands in that it adds value to our vendors, team and business,” he said.

“This is not only from its leading-edge technology, such as Amplify but also in the support they give us. It means our current and future salespeople have a real point of difference to offer potential vendors, and we can add even more value to our team as a company.”

Mr Billinghurst added, “Our five offices have been established in the marketplace for many years. We want to take them all to the next level and rapidly grow our regional market share.

Mr Ruske said his dealings with Raine & Horne have been positive from the outset.

“From our interactions, it feels there is a real loyalty to the brand, and there are genuine people behind it,” he said.

“We’re on a growth projection within the Bay of Plenty and Hauraki region, which aligns well with Raine & Horne’s New Zealand growth goals.

“Having 140 years of real estate heritage shows Raine & Horne have weathered all markets and run an exceptional operation.”

“There are many brand alternatives for business owners to choose from, but we believe that with Raine & Horne’s history coupled with their forward-thinking, dynamic approach to real estate, they will shortly be a driving force in New Zealand real estate.”

The business spirit of the 100% family-owned and operated Raine & Horne also struck a chord with Mr Ruske and his fellow directors.

“NRG Realty is an acronym of Neville, Ruske and Gill, and Gill has been an integral force since we began the business, contributing to management decisions and overseeing finances since day one,” Mr Ruske said.

“Her expertise in residential developments adds a significant dimension to the business.

“As Paul and Bronwen became part of the team, this legacy of family involvement persisted, with Bronwen focusing on our company marketing.

“Still having the same company owners but now operating under the Raine & Horne brand is great for both organisations.”


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