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5 Reasons Why The Right Brand Matters

Written by Paul Davies - CEO of ONE AGENCY

We’ve been asked a lot lately – what is the value our established brand provides? Apart from enjoying the support of an internationally recognised brand, and the flexibility to run your own named business, you also get to keep much more of what you make. Want to know what else? Read on… Established during the financial crisis of 2008, the One Agency brand broke new ground by providing all the branding and marketing assets your real estate business requires to put up an ‘open for business’ sign. Plus support from head-office so you can hit the ground running. And – became the first flat-fee modeled brand in the industry. As well as: Recognition and Brand Awareness: Being part of a proven brand gives a business instant recognition and awareness. We have invested significant resources in building an attractive, impactful, and memorable brand, with a positive reputation – and we’ve captured market share.

By aligning your name with our brand, your business can tap into this existing recognition and gain an advantage over agents going it completely alone.

Stability and Resilience: In any market, stability is paramount. The One Agency brand has a solid foundation built on 15 years of experience, strategic planning, and highly effective management.

We’ve witnessed global and local economic storms before and have gained valuable insights along the way. This knowledge helps our members across the One Agency network to better navigate challenging market conditions and succeed – regardless of external forces. Strength in the Marketplace: Our established brand has built strong relationships with suppliers. This has given us buying power and allowed us to negotiate special discounts for our members from our aligned industry partners. Driving Business Growth: One Agency offers lead generation and nurture campaigns, and an award-winning portal, One Place, for our members. One Place includes an extensive selection of Social Media marketing assets that cover everything from business and agent branding to content for promoting just-listed, just-sold, and just-leased campaigns. And other seasonal content too.

As well there are templates for lead-gen letters and letterbox drop DLs. In short, all the marketing content and collateral that can have a transformative effect on your business's growth. Bonus: the association with a trusted brand can foster customer loyalty, attract a larger customer base, and drive repeat business. In joining ONE AGENCY, (with more than 30,000 properties SOLD and 700 personnel in the network) you’ll get a strong presence in the marketplace.

As the saying goes, "a rising tide lifts all boats." Aligning with our well-established and proven brand you will see you best positioned to have the benefits of your own branded business plus strength and security in any market conditions.


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