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Real Estate Today - New Zealand Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Real Estate Today - New Zealand proudly commemorates its one-year milestone as the premier publication for exclusive industry news.

In the span of just one year, the publication has become a cornerstone of the New Zealand real estate landscape, delivering unparalleled insights and fostering community engagement within the industry.

Reflecting on the journey thus far, Editor Nic Fren expressed profound gratitude for the overwhelming support received from the New Zealand real estate community.

"As the sole publication offering this caliber of content, we were initially uncertain about its reception," he said.

"However, our apprehensions were swiftly dispelled as the industry embraced our publication with open arms, demonstrating unwavering support from day one."

"Mr. Fren recognised a clear need for RETNZ," he explains, having pinpointed a gap in the market in late 2022.

"I searched extensively for a publication catering to the New Zealand real estate industry, but to no avail," he recounts.

Today, RETNZ has witnessed and celebrated numerous milestones throughout its inaugural year with this industry.

From the emergence of new brands to bidding farewell to industry icons, from accolades at awards nights to groundbreaking innovations in social media marketing by agents, the publication has chronicled the dynamic evolution of the real estate landscape.

Moreover, it has served as a platform for sharing inspiring stories of charity work, professional accomplishments & growth, and the collective commitment to uplifting the industry.

"We embarked on this journey with a mission to uplift and empower the real estate community, and I am proud to say that we have achieved just that," affirmed Mr. Fren.

With hundreds of stories published, a thriving career opportunities board, and the immensely popular podcast 'The Chat', Real Estate Today - New Zealand is poised for an even more remarkable second year.

Looking ahead, the publication has ambitious plans to further enhance its offerings and deliver greater value to its audience.

Exciting initiatives are on the horizon, promising an enriching experience for readers and contributors alike.

In the coming year, Real Estate Today - New Zealand aims to expand its reach and engagement through strategic partnerships, enhanced digital features, and insightful content tailored to the evolving needs of the industry.

Additionally, the publication plans to launch exclusive events, webinars, and workshops, providing invaluable networking opportunities and professional development resources for real estate professionals across New Zealand.

"We've also been asked about an awards night, quite a lot lately says Mr Fren & I can say that's something we are definitely looking into."

"To all our contributors, sponsors, advertisers, supporters, and, most importantly, our readers, I extend heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support over the past year," said Mr. Fren.

"Your commitment has been instrumental in our success, and we eagerly anticipate the journey ahead as we continue to grow and evolve together."

Real Estate Today - New Zealand invites the real estate community to join in celebrating this significant milestone and looks forward to the continued collaboration and shared successes in the years to come.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Nic Fren

CEO - Bespoke Media Group

Real Estate Today - New Zealand


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