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Raine & Horne Officially Acquires Mike Pero Real Estate, Expanding its Presence in New Zealand

In a significant development for the New Zealand real  estate market, Raine & Horne, a leading player in the Australasian real estate sector, has officially  acquired the Mike Pero Real Estate group from Liberty Financial Group on 28 March 2024. 

This acquisition marks a milestone in Raine & Horne’s 140-plus-year history, solidifying its position  as an Australasian real estate industry powerhouse. 

Raine & Horne, a 100% family-owned business under the sole ownership of the Raine family since 1883, has embarked on an ambitious expansion strategy, particularly in New Zealand. Following its  announcement of entry into the New Zealand market in April 2023, Raine & Horne has swiftly added 70 offices across the country.

The super brand has also relaunched its operations in Fiji,  capitalising on the island nation’s revival in property markets following the COVID-19 pandemic challenges. 

Mr Angus Raine, Executive Chairman of Raine & Horne, expressed his gratitude to Liberty Financial Group for entrusting Raine & Horne with the acquisition of the 56 well-established Mike Pero offices in New Zealand. 

Mike Pero Real Estate has been an integral part of the property landscape in New Zealand for decades.  

“We are honoured to welcome the Mike Pero Real Estate group into the Raine & Horne family,” said Mr Raine. 

“This acquisition not only expands our network’s footprint across both North and South Islands, but also reinforces our commitment to providing exceptional service and expertise to vendors, buyers,  investors and tenants.” 

With the addition of the Mike Pero Group in New Zealand, Raine & Horne’s network will encompass 70 offices in the country, marking a significant milestone in its Australasian expansion efforts. 

“The acquisition of Mike Pero Real Estate underscores Raine & Horne’s dedication to growth and  innovation, positioning our company as a dominant force in the Australasian real estate market,” Mr  Raine said

“There is significant appetite for another major real estate brand in New Zealand. With our track  record as an industry leader in Proptech, marketing, training, and agency systems, we take pride in offering reliable and market-leading support to our offices. 

“Our distinct value proposition lies in being a trusted brand with an expanding Australasian footprint.

“Additionally, our unique and cutting-edge technology ecosystem, featuring groundbreaking AI and social media marketing tool Amplify, along with our online sales and property management appraisal platform, DigiKitPlus, is proving highly popular with real estate principals in New Zealand.” 

Mr Raine added, “We now begin the process of integrating Mike Pero Real Estate into our brand, and it’s fortuitous that the new offices will join us at a time when offices across our Australasian network are undergoing a brand refresh. 

In February, Raine & Horne announced a significant brand refresh that Mr Raine says brings the group’s brand to life in fresh and innovative waysiii while showcasing a new and sophisticated look and feel. 

“The rebrand is also a strategic move to attract top-tier talent to our offices in Australasia and reaffirm our commitment to continual evolution and progress.”


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