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Raine & Horne celebrates International Women’s Day, advocating inclusion and empowerment across its Australasian network

March 8 marks the 113th anniversary of International Women’s Day  (IWD), a significant occasion celebrated globally. Taking a prominent role in acknowledging this  momentous event is leading real estate brand Raine & Horne, proudly celebrating the occasion  across its extensive Australasian network. 

The worldwide annual celebration acknowledges women’s accomplishments, and this year’s  theme, ‘#InspireInclusion’ i, underscores the ongoing efforts required to genuinely incorporate  women by openly embracing their diversity in terms of race, age, ability, faith, body image, and  identity. 

Mrs Mindy Powell-Hodges, Head of Network at Raine & Horne Group, said, “On International  Women’s Day, we extend our appreciation for all women, particularly the thousands of women in  across our network who contribute significantly to moving the industry forward. 

Highlighting Raine & Horne’s commitment to inclusion within the real estate industry, the super  brand’s Corporate team boasts over 50% female representation. 

Mrs Powell-Hodges stressed, “However, it’s important to note that we don’t enforce a quota  system. Our focus remains on selecting the most qualified candidate for every role.” 

One such candidate is young gun executive Ms Lauren Barham, National Products & Training  Manager. She commenced her tenure at Raine & Horne in 2019, following her role at the global AI tech company CCT. During her time there, CCT collaborated with Raine & Horne in launching  Amplify, the first-to-market AI-powered social media marketing platform. 

Ms Barham highlighted the significance of International Women’s Day as a valuable occasion to  honour and celebrate the often-overlooked women in our lives. “It’s a celebration recognising the  underappreciated contributions of women and acknowledging the strides they’ve made, both  personally and professionally.” 

“As women, we contemplate the future and the possibility of starting families, and reflect on the sacrifices our careers may demand. Yet, I’m heartened by the increasing inclusivity and open mindedness towards accommodating family life in the workplace.  

In 2023, Ms Barham also assumed the reins of the super brand’s philanthropic initiatives by  managing the Raine & Horne Foundation, which was launched in 2021. Under her guidance, the foundation has raised over $650,000 for causes such as Dignity, a charity combating homelessness. 

She stated, “Through this collaboration, we are actively addressing homelessness, focusing on individuals who may not be visibly experiencing it on the streets or in parks but are, in fact, living in  their cars. 

“On International Women’s Day, it’s important to note that many of these vulnerable individuals are  women or single mothers who have endured domestic violence.

“Our commitment extends to preventing them from slipping through the cracks, and by providing  essential support to Dignity, our goal is to create more accommodation and ensure secure housing  for those in need.” 

The real estate industry is an ideal fit for women 

Real estate and a career with Raine & Horne present an ideal career avenue for women, allowing  them to define their own work-life balance. 

“As we commemorate International Women’s Day, it’s important to highlight that the real estate  profession provides flexibility and limitless earning possibilities and is well-suited for mothers or  individuals seeking a career change,” Mrs Powell-Hodges said. 

Mrs Casey DeMichele, a young mother and leading Sales Consultant at Raine & Horne  Murraylands, acknowledges the inherent flexibility in the real estate industry that should be  celebrated on International Women’s Day. 

Despite the challenges of navigating first-time motherhood, Mrs DeMichele has diligently positioned  herself as a leader in the Murraylands region of South Australia. Even during her maternity leave in  2022, she successfully closed deals on 24 properties. 

“The support I receive from the team at Raine & Horne Murrylands allows me to balance both my  commitments at home as well as in my career. This drives me to go the extra mile.” 

Similarly, Mrs Romilly Ashkettle, Group Manager of Raine & Horne New Zealand, marks her  greatest personal achievement as raising her three children in amongst a successful corporate  career. 

With a vast amount of experience within the real estate industry, Mrs Ashkettle joined Raine &  Horne during the brand's rapid New Zealand expansion, seeing the group as one that would  support her career goals. 

“The opportunity with Raine & Horne came about at a time where I was looking for the next step in  my career. 


“As much as I was excited by the role, I was equally moved by the fact that three out of the four  people who interviewed me were female. Moreover, I was especially impressed by Mindy Powell Hodges, who is a woman I truly look up to in this industry.”


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