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Saturday is Showday: Key Strategies for Real Estate Agents to Enhance Business Growth and Reputation

Saturday is showday. It is the day where all the hard work conducted during the week pays off, where agents get to meet potential clients face-to-face, showcase their properties, and potentially close deals. It is essential that agents are looking and feeling their best to make the most out of the opportunities presented to them. Agents who are well-prepared, energetic, and engaged with their clients are more likely to succeed on Saturdays. However, for many agents, this day can be a challenge due to fatigue, complacency, or a lack of energy. That is why it is crucial to focus on strategies that can help agents make the most out of their Saturday inspections and, more importantly, set them up for future business.

It is not only the result of the work agents have done to get people to come and see them, but it is also about setting themselves up for future business. Clients who have a great experience with an agent are more likely to return to that agent in the future or recommend them to others. Therefore, it is crucial that agents approach every Saturday as an opportunity to not only close deals but also to build relationships and establish themselves as trusted advisors in their community. From focusing on buyers who are ready to buy, to engaging with clients, and making the purchasing process easy, I like to make sure I cover all the essential aspects of making the most out of showday. By following these tips, agents can ensure they are always at their best, and that every opportunity is a chance to build their business and reputation.

Here are my key tips for a successful Saturday:

Focus on buyers who are ready to buy While many buyers may have fears or concerns about the market, interest rates, or other variable factors, for every 5-6 buyers that come through your properties, there's always one who has sold, is ready to buy now or has a pre-approval they don't want to lapse. Spend the time and focus on these buyers and provide them the majority of your energy. Get in front of interested buyers who may have concerns In a world of email communication, I've noticed the agents who are able to pull deals together are the ones who will sit with a nervous buyer face-to-face and walk them through the process. If a buyer has concerns or questions, make sure to address them in person. This can help build trust and make them feel more comfortable with the buying process.

Make the purchase easy Buyers get frustrated when they hear comments like "we are just accessing the feedback at this stage." Do a quick audit on yourself. Are you easy to do business with, are you quick to do business with, and are you providing value? Be clear and concise with your approach. Reinforce that you have a published price guide, give clear examples of comparable sales, and let them know the owner's position on whether they are considering early offers if it's scheduled for auction. Create a world-class open house experience It's the little things that can make a big difference. Make sure that the property is clean and organised, the toilet seats are down, there is soft lighting instead of overhead lighting, and open the windows to allow fresh air where possible. Have all your information and marketing collateral lined up and in a clean flow. Make sure the property is easy to navigate allowing buyers to move around with comfort.

Engage with the buyers Introduce yourself with high energy. Let them know your name, hand them a brochure, and invite them to look around the property in their own space and time. Also, let them know you are available should they have any questions. Don't follow them around, but be accessible and ready to answer any questions. Extract as much information as possible Don't just talk about the home. Ask them where they are currently living, what they and their family get up to on the weekends when they aren't out house hunting, and where their kids go to school. It's almost a callback dialogue while you are at the open home. By extracting this information, you can better understand their needs and wants, which can help you match them with the right property.

Be present It's insanity for agents to continue to spend thousands of dollars on marketing and not be 100% present on your Saturday. Saturday is showday. Make sure you are fully present and engaged with potential buyers. This is your chance to show them why you are the right agent for them and to build a relationship that can last for years to come.


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