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2024 – What Are Your Goals?

Written by Paul Davies, CEO of ONE AGENCY

Welcome to 2024, hope it’s a brilliant one for you.

So, how did 2023 finish up?  Hopefully you smacked the goals you set this time last year out of the ballpark. 

But if you didn’t score as many goals as you’d have liked, take heart – you probably did better than most considering that 65% of people give up on a goal within a month.

One of the things that helped me grow my real estate businesses – and there’s been a few over my working life – was utilising quiet time during the summer break to reflect and review my goals.

What do you want?

Knowing what you want to achieve in the longer term, and then setting targets along the way is key to remaining motivated and in control in any area of your life – fitness, health, relationships, wealth building, business and career. However staying the course – particularly if we are in pursuit of something that lies beyond our comfort zone, is invariably the hardest part.

Taking the time to regularly review your progress against milestone targets  – even just a ten-minute brainstorm with a pen and piece of paper can keep you motivated or help you get you back on track.

“Be sure to consider  how you’d like your personal and professional goals to align on a ‘best-case-scenario’ timeline.”

Evolution of goals?

What do you ultimately want from your real estate career? This is the place to start. Over the years what you want may change but having an ultimate objective in mind – something that can be broken down into steps will keep you moving forward. 

Managing professional and personal goals

Keep in mind that whilst you’re pursuing your career goals you have a personal life too. What do you want that to look like next year, in 5 years, 10, 20 years and beyond? 

Be sure to consider  how you’d like these goals to come together with your career on a ‘best-case-scenario’ timeline.

Owning your own real estate business

If you have a goal to establish your own agency in (say) two years’ time. A big goal like this will dictate many of your daily decisions, from financial choices to your lifestyle, and of course your work.

You’ll want to build-up your local reputation and presence before going it alone. This can be broken into smaller tasks, such as developing or enhancing your Social Media presence and growing your profile in local media publications.

Or, you may need to start the process of qualifying for the appropriate real estate license in order to start your own business.

Staying on course

Placing an end-date to the targets along the way and the big goal will keep you motivated and accountable. Other things that helped me achieve my business goals were declaring them to other (relevant) people, and having a business coach or other trusted advisors to confide in.

At this point in my career, as the Founder and CEO of an international real estate network, something I feel truly privileged to do is provide confidential assistance to business owners and agents who have a goal of something big professionally that will enhance their personal lives too – such as starting their own business.

So I encourage you to enjoy the journey, otherwise, what’s the point?

Good luck for the year ahead, and if you’d like to talk about your goals I invite you to call me for confidential conversation.


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